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Goodbye "Minerva" - the last days before the beginning...-

a fantastic novel - >Danielle Grandhomme

The first days it was great... the sun was above us and the fresh air surrounded our bodies; it was too late to go back. The catastrophis had begun, said George, it's time for us to leave the port...
Yes, it's time..., answered Nicole whispering the few words while she was absorbed by the magic atmosphere, I'll try to get to the Fundation, in order to fix the plan.
All right, dear, but don't be too late... the sun is approaching too fast.
Just three of us, together on this anonymous rock. The helicopter was down the valley, but we couldn't go to it anymore, of course; the water of the river had overflown and was swallowing the remaining camp site structures. "Minerva" it had been called... now there was no more of it. Twenty years of research destroyed in few days.
Twenty years of research destroyed in few days.
Twenty years... it sounds such a long flow of time, and even is just a glipmse from our past days... Nabeel, the local coordinator, from Lahore, had accepted us very warmly, as every one did. Of course they had to, because we were looking to find an issue to the next water avalanche we were expecting... some thirty years, or more. his large conceptual glasses enlarged his deep eyes, and the smile was thus brighter.
Goodevening, sirs, said Nabeel, introducing us into his working world. My bureau is a bit messy, but, you know, I do not have much time to clean it up, and my sister is on vacation, these days...
It wasn't really messy... it was... cahotic, yes: the centre of creative mind, everything could be reached and visible from his computer place, but it was all stacked in an apparent mound, hard to be detected from outside.
He took off some books and blankets from the chairs near the wall; please sit down, I'll bring you a nice tea.
Waiting for the tea to come, Nicole and I wandered our eyes round the room...There were on the wall some posters of his hometown, Lahore. "Shahi Mahjid" an imposing and elegant building in a night view, reminded me the magical atmosphere of Pakistan, half indian and half persian in its elegant and popular charming attitude. Far deepened in the mysteries of the past, but still already here to be lived in its sounds and perfumes.
Here is the tea, said Nabeel entering the room with a fuming "plateau" with small glasses and a long traditional teapot. Sorry, it's not all complete service, but Generally I have no time to it... by the way, all our tea comes from Kenya... which proves we are all brothers in the world. he laughed with us while i was already sipping this hot and harmonious drink.
Well, the Fundation wants some results of local researches,as I know from the mails Dr.Whang sent to the University center. You know, I just coordinate the work, and really do not know what the internationl group is searching... and moreover i don't want to use my time on that. sorry to sound rude, but my personal studies are a bit dfferent, you know. Litterature and phylosophy is my world.
Nicole smiled, sure we know, professor Nabeel, you published hundreds of books in just five years! You are amazing.
Really, I just digg in our traditions, and carry out a complete anthology of poems and ancient stories almost lost in our days... Facebook takes a lot of our time, and...(he laughed) mine too, because I like it; but i can manage to use the rest of the day to search and write.
Who shall we meet then to go on with our researches?
I'll let you know later; this person is a real master of knowledge, with plenty of strange ideas... I'll call a cab to bring you to the hotel. Just for today: tomorrowyou'll go to the campsite.
"Minerva" is it?
Yes, Minerva. But don't ask me why this name... too many people ask me, but still I don't know!
We all laughed together in a friendly enchanted atmosphere.


"We're going home together" shouts george from the top of the hill; Nicole nods her head but cannot smile...
- the rain begins to pour down, again... another wet day
-We'll have plenty, Nicole, I answer her.
-yes, I forgot... I'm still not used to this weather... not here!
-Ok, but at least the clouds protect us from the sun... just for a while.
-I'ts amazing how quickly the clouds form, gather and rain off... they seem to come from nowhere, and suddenly, we're all wet.
-Like in Ireland- I reply
we both laugh
-yes... Ireland... so far away
-Where have you put the irish book of Kyteler's treasure? no one must get it. It's too early.
-Sure, the corporates will want to use it for commerce
-And war...
-Yes... another book to disappear. What else could we do?
-Poor Petronilla ,she was the first Irish woman to be burned at the stake for the crime of heresy. She served as a maid to Lady Alice Kyteler, a real alchemist and still one of the earliest women to be accused of witchcraft.

-Yes, answered Nicole...In Kilkenny, Ireland ... 1324. And poor Lady Alice Kyteler, along with her son and ten others,she became one of the earliest targets of witchcraft accusations, centuries before the more famous rash of witch trials in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
-Bastards...To extract her confession, the bishop ordered the torture of Lady Alice's maid and confidante, Petronilla who claimed that she and her mistress applied a magical ointment to a wooden beam, which enabled both women to fly. She was then forced to proclaim publicly that Lady Alice and her followers were guilty of witchcraft.

-Well...witches... they DID fly, finally..., but not on wood! And not a carpet... a real model of aircraft... just few meters, but still it was not levitation, but propulsion!
we both laugh.
-So, the celtic runes we found on the petroglyphs in Iran, were a bit a strange coincidence!
-Sure... we made that stone disappear just in time! is it still in the Minerva caves?
-No one can find them... the caves are so deep and widespread... a true Labirynth, and no mythical Arianna is now here to find the way out! They are all locked in the walls, strongly stoned.
-Which gallery did we use?
-The one that connects us to Kariz, in Iran
-A long way to find it then! Almost safe.

martedì 26 gennaio 2010

What is…TIME ?

My answers to the topic "Can you name an immovable force that is an unstoppable object?"

« Science » group on facebook

As we all know now, universe is not 3D, but has at least 11 dimensions, most of them unseen by us humans, but lightly felt by our evolutionary equipments. One of this dimension, just according to me, cannot be time, for TIME is the texture of all the universe, not the force... effectively, every object has its own time... we are the weakest objects, and aware of our existence, and the risk of death brings us to move "quicker" than other beings, that don't care at all about time...
Time, thus, is transparent, ealstic, and adapted to anyone, but resented differently according to our momentary situations... one minute at the dentist is effectively longer than a night dancng!
Time is in our minds, and it helps our brain to control the evolution of our life, and the evolution of all what is around us, that might "touch" us...
as well as universe itself!

Timing is very diffferent from TIME... that's the force of this entity no-named by any other being, apart from us humans... we have obliged ourselves to be perfect to TIME, which may be a highspeed highway with different levels of speed, according to our situations; it occupies all universe like the water, which may flow or not, but certainly move forward or backward underneath its surface film... it depends where we are...
Now we are bored to see the motionless activity of surface, and we want to dive into future destiny, imagining it wonderfully active, against our possible destruction caused by catclysms or whatever...
and we need time to be at our level, so we try to match with its flowing; but time has often abrupt movements backward, and an atomic clock just tells us "what we want it to be said"... I mean... all this timing, will effectively save us from wars? Maybe just temporarely.

When the expansion reaches a notable dimension, its propulsing energy literally slows down for it has to occupy much more "space" with the same force- this force is now not sufficient to propulse the matter at the starting speed because it is used to occupy such a wider multi-dymensional space during expansion...
Imagine fireworks... when they explode they occupy 3D space hundreds times the starting original space; when they reach a complete expansion, or rather just before it, they slow down since they stop; in that visual of situation universe (which is "alive", for theoretically no-one has ignited it so it self-ignited, so it was able to "act" by itself: it was thus "alive", like heart beat, and breathing) slows down: it has more TIME to employ in other uses (those that before were impossible because of all the highspeed transformations focused all on expansion). Uses, such as developing lives - according to the fractals theory- in all dimensions (from macro to micro).
So TIME is still the same, but as a consequence of the physical slowdown, there is an increase of TIME which seems to become more present, but it was always the same; we just "take our time" to BE and then, to BECOME...

You said right..."do I THINK",I just think, just suppose...
because I cannot have a clear idea of these interacting elements.. no one has yet!
We might give suggestions, and propose suppositions... we would need so much time before being able to answer and have surer thesis...
Well I just think they are so stricly linked and interacting that we cannot see the difference... bu I'm almost sure that TIME is an independent "support" (or dimension) of our universe that keeps it in contact with all the other universes, those that we have already spotted but not located yet.

As I told you... I have recently received the news that universe is not only one, there are thousands (it was a real surprise for me too!!) and that there aren't only 3 but alt least 11 dimensions (La théorie des Cordes)...
amazing, isn't it?
Scientific american has published articles on it, I read them through French edition lately (few months ago).

Other discussions :

lunedì 12 ottobre 2009

Nasa Deceiption

I suppose there is no oxygen on the I wrong?

Well as I know when there is no oxygen, there is no ignition...

so, how did the module landed on moon in 1969 re-start from there to earth, as the gas could not be lighted?

Why did we need, now, to crash a module to get few datas of particles

of SOIL as there have been several moon missions

Substantially...have we really been on the moon?

I guess not.

Everest has been thousands times climbed by anyone, and thus littered with plastic bags... why not the moon?

There is a great wave of reactions to this crash, because now we are able to really watch what it is going on, live, and with no possible fake, for anyone can make false images and videos, and thus anyone can recognize fake!

NASA was under exam.

And showed its weird face to all the world, now aware.

There is deception, as I see, and anger or resignation

I have no resignation.

venerdì 3 luglio 2009

scopri la tua mappa mentale...

Discover your mental map...

Découvre ta carte cérébrale...

Scopri la tua mappa mentale...

I always studied the children's and teenager's problem and how to solve them, and I discovered how to FIND them, and then DISSOLVE them... apparently easy (now that you SEE the map) but really hard to DISCOVER how it was formulated, and how it worked!

The text is in italian for the psychologists group was italian; it was a nice and profound collaboration, but it ended shortly for the government had no money at all for kids' problems...

I still continue to perfection it, and the results are astonishing, as the people say...

I even eliminated a problem of logopedia to a teenager, tired of what it was called to her an 'unsolvable logopedia problem'... really, the only thing was to find the ORIGIN, and it had been a bit hard, for she didn't want to TELL HERSELF what it was, because it was a major TRAUMA connected to her grandmother's accidental death... who could imagine that; no one psychologist did.

The major problem is that I only owe the symbol-key, for I don't want to be misused, which might be easy done.

Well. I hope one day this test will be used to save us from depressure, nightmares, and wahatsoever, just to be approved officially, for hundreds of people already loved it, because it changed their life (got written proofs).

By the way "children" must be from 7 to 199 years old !!!

You'll find the article in this link to psychiatric website where it appeared some time ago।

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What's new with...non verbal communication

Tout à fait nouveau et indispensable ...

The newest and absolutely necessary...

Nuovissimo ed indispensabile...

Analysis, dictionary, tests, problems, solutions... a very good website!

sabato 31 gennaio 2009

what's new with...brain-body language?

LANGUAGE is the first thing we meet in our BRAIN

LANGUAGE is the first thing we meet in our BRAIN, when we are still unborn, incomplete, and defenceless in mother’s womb.

As soon as the basic neuronal cellules gather in “active unities” they do as our computer does when it is not well connected with internet which means they “try to access” the outer world by their own means.

The “ENTITY” brain-body is a bundle of nerves, of high-voltage contacts, that has a unique aim: get as many information as possible of the environmental situation in order to develop best possibilities of contact-feedback, to improve its positive growth, and to reach the highest “scores” of survival mission.

Why do we love music and rhythm? Of course because it reminds our mother’s voice and heartbeat.

Mother’s voice vibrates in foetus ear, and reaches its brain with a strong solicitation of other neurons related to senses and feelings: when mum’s happy she sings, and releases relaxing chemical particles, that reach the baby… singing, therefore, is good.

When she is angry and shouts, adrenaline is high, and tenses the nerves, which is not good.
“Singing is good feeling and attitude, shouting is bad feeling and attitude. Got it.”

Other sounds, all sorts of sounds, come to us from inside the womb, and the forming-baby listens to them during all its “in-life” long, until it will be born.

However, the brain feels the difference: mother’s voice and her body-sounds are stronger and nearer to the ear for inner vibrations, the outside sounds and voices are feeble and less clear because they vibrate less sharply…
“That’s strange… there must be a reason for that difference…I’ll check out later”

There’s the predisposition of the brain to a new program: check the difference.
It’ll lead the brain, months later the birth to investigate between the separation of this now still unique ENTITY “mother-me-world

As soon as the brain reaches a stationary level of physical development, it is almost complete to reach upper levels such as: comprehension and communication.

The baby’s brain tries to “UNDERSTAND” what the sounds mean, because they often are ASSOCIATED with same situations… thus association might be the first intentional brain development action.

The next step of association will be … IMITATION which is to: “ associate my behaviour to yours”.
So the baby is now “prepared” to IMITATE , but it cannot do it there, all alone in that mild low-lighted atmosphere of the womb.

The real game will be outside the womb: communicate with OTHER.
(“other” means everything that is not ME, even light, air, people and objects, everything).

Of course, before the “entity brain-body” MEETS language, it will meet other challenges, but meeting implies the ABILITY of ACCEPTING and face the OTHER.
Later even mother will be other!

So when the brain WANTS to understand, it’s of course, a natural route towards self-acceptance… there’s the first moment of LIFE (as feeling alive).

Danielle Grand-Homme.

giovedì 30 ottobre 2008

What's new...with HALLOWEEN!


In western society we do always avoid to dress children with black colour, because it reminds us the colour of mourning, death, suffering… Their dress is always made with joyful colours, and we almost pretend it’s for them, to make them feel positive to life…
Well, I suppose it’s especially for us adults, and against bad luck: children may like black, but you can rarely find it in any dressing or educational outfit.

Have we asked them if they would like to have a black T-shirt? Anyway not any mother would like to see her baby dressed in black!

Till now I can remember children dressed in black only at carnival :only the witch, the doctor, Darth Vader… and now even Spiderman has a “dark side” (one red, one black!) . The only good one is Zorro, as an exception, the first step to think of black, to think of action in the society…

I’ve learnt that the desire of adolescents to suddenly dress in black is the “mourning of their childhood”… well I think it’s really different, it’s their declaration to us that they want to try to play as adults with the colour that we have avoided them to use… but only as a GAME yet!

Effectively IT’S THE PARENT’S MOURNING of his son’s childhood, but for the adolescent IT’S THE beginning o f the “PARTY OF REAL LIFE”.

And HALLOWEEN is the moment where all children are allowed to dress awful.

Attentive and intelligent parents,( far from our modern and technological society!) the Celtic parents, let their children at least once pretend to be awfully dangerous and black, and face Death, dressing its outfits… and parents dressed too (as it happens now) and laughed, maybe bitterly, but silently, not to influence the children to grow up and go away. Which is the hardest sacrifice for a parent, a decent one.

Everywhere, in ancient world cultures, BLACK and DEATH are often used in stories and dances.
To immunize, strengthen, and not to fall in the dangerous hole of fear, attachment, control, excessive safety manners…

(This is my own personal opinion according to my studies and contacts with life-experiences of the adolescents’)

Danielle Grand-Homme